axopodium аксоподия (псевдоподия солнечников)

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  • Axopodium —   [griechisch] das, s/...di |en, strahlenförmiges Scheinfüßchen bei Strahlen und Sonnentierchen …   Universal-Lexikon

  • axopodium — A permanent pseudopodium containing a stiff axial filament of differentiated protoplasm. SYN: axiopodium. [Mod. L., fr. L. axis + G. podion, dim. of pous (pod ), foot] * * * axo·po·di·um (ak″so poґde əm) pl. axopoґdia [axo + Gr. pous… …   Medical dictionary

  • Axopodium — Axo|po|di|um das; s, ...ien [...i̯ən] <zu lat. podium, vgl. ↑Podium> strahlenförmiges Scheinfüßchen bei Strahlen u. Sonnentierchen …   Das große Fremdwörterbuch

  • axopodium — axo·po·di·um …   English syllables

  • axopodium — …   Useful english dictionary

  • axiopodium — SYN: axopodium. * * * ax·io·po·di·um (ak″se o poґde əm) axopodium …   Medical dictionary

  • protist — protistan /proh tis teuhn/, adj., n. protistic, adj. /proh tist/, n. any of various one celled organisms, classified in the kingdom Protista, that are either free living or aggregated into simple colonies and that have diverse reproductive and… …   Universalium

  • lobopodium — A thick lobose pseudopodium. [G. lobos, lobe, + pous, foot] * * * lo·bo·po·di·um .lō bə pō dē əm n, pl dia dē ə or diums a broad thick pseudopodium with a core of endoplasm * * * lo·bo·po·di·um (lo″bo poґde əm) pl. lobopoґdia [ …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudopodium — A temporary protoplasmic process, put forth by an ameboid stage or amebic protozoan for locomotion or for prehension of food. SYN: pseudopod. [pseudo + G. pous, foot] * * * pseu·do·po·di·um .süd ə pōd ē əm n …   Medical dictionary

  • Piroplasmia — Pi·ro·plas·mia (pi″ro plaz meґə) [L. pirum pear + plasma] a subclass of heteroxenous parasitic protozoa (class Sporozoea, subphylum Apicomplexa), occurring as piriform, round, or rod shaped cells or ameboid cells without a conoid,… …   Medical dictionary

  • reticulopodium — re·tic·u·lo·po·di·um (rə tik″u lo poґde əm) reticulopoґdia [reticulo + Gr. pous foot] a filamentous pseudopodium with interconnected branches. Cf. axopodium, filopodium, and lobopodium. Called also rhizopodium …   Medical dictionary

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